Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus Ab

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Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus Ab

Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus Ab PPAB is a collagen fibril based formulation containing tetracycline hydrochloride (2 mg of Tetracycline) in 25 mg of collagen fibrils. It has a dual mode of action, via the achive agent, Tetracycline, and the vehicle, high purity, biocompatible Type-I collagen, which are used.

Features :-
  • Studies have shown that PPAB releases tetracycline consistently from day one over a period of 10 to 14 days with the concentrations peaking by the 4th to 5th day
    As a synergistic effect, the collagen fibrils also bio-degrade and release enzymes which promote the repair of the periodontal lesion.
  • Nflammation is controlled excellently and clinical parameters like bleeding, exudation etc.
  • Reduce tremendously in two applications.
  • Minimally invasive, maximizing issue health, PPAB has been found to increase patient acceptance for the second phase of deeply Invasive treatment, if and when necessary.

Key Specifications :-

  • The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas
  • Store at ambient temperature (4 to 40 C or 39 to 104 F). Available as 4 vials of 25 mg each

Packaging :-

  • 4 vials – Each vial contains 25 mg (Total 100 mg in 4 vials)

Direction to Use :-

  • PPAB is one of the easiest local drug delivery agents  that can be used in almost any kind of periodontal lesions
  • The material is dispensed in an easy to use bottle
  • The required amount can be placed in a dappen dish and then wet with a drop of distilled water
  • The required amount of material can then be picked up with a tweezer and place near the pocket margins
  • Susequently the material can be easily inserted into the pocket with the help of any composite handling instrument or even with a blunt ended periodontal probe

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Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus Ab

Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus Ab

US$34.00US$39.00 (-13%)

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