Vita Classical A1-D4 Tooth Shade Guide


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Vita Classical A1-D4 Tooth Shade Guide

The VITA classical A1 ? D4 shade guide serves to accurately determine tooth shade.

The arrangement of the shades in the VITA classical family of shades is as follows :

  • A1 – A4 (reddish-brownish)
  • B1 – B4 (reddish-yellowish)
  • C1 – C4 (greyish shades)
  • D2 – D4 (reddish-grey)

Prod. no. B027C

The VITA classical A1 ? D4 shade guide is used to determine accurate tooth shade. Structure The VITA classical shade family is divided into the four categories viz A1 – A4 (reddish-brownish), B1 – B4 (reddish-yellowish), C1 – C4 (greyish shades), D2 – D4 (reddish-grey).

Procedure :-

  • Hold the shade guide at a distance of approx. 25-30 cm (arm bent) from the patient?s tooth
  • Decide quickly on the shade by comparing the shade samples of groups A ? D with the natural tooth.
  • Disinfect the shade guide after each shade determination. Tips on determining tooth shade
  • Determine tooth shades as much as possible under natural daylight and daylight lamps and not under typical indoor lighting conditions.
  • The surrounding colors should be as neutral as possible. Ask patients to remove any lipstick or cosmetics which could have an influence on shade determination. Cover up bright clothing with a gray cape.
  • Hold the shade sample tooth as close to the patient’s tooth as possible.
  • When choosing the shade, only the middle area of the shade sample tooth should be observed.
  • Make your choice quickly and always accept your first decision, since the eyes begin to tire after approx. 5-7 seconds.

Hygiene tips and instructions for care :- 

  • The acrylic parts of your VITA classical A1 ? D4 shade guide are made of a high-quality, easy-care material that is temperature resistant (up to 180?C). The entire shade guide can be autoclaved at a max temperature of 140?C (sterilization according to the gravity method: 30 min at 121?C / 250?F, sterilization according to the pre-vacuum method: 4 min at 132?C / 270?F).


  • The VITA classical A1 – D4 shade guide can be surface disinfected. We recommend customary, mild spray disinfectant or disinfectant wipes. According to the manufacturers? product information these disinfectants are effective against HIV and HBV, and are available from most dental dealers. Please follow the respective manufacturer?s instructions for use. Disinfectants containing phenol, compounds with phenylphenol groups or methyl ethyl ketone will damage the acrylic parts.

Note :- 

  • The acrylic parts of the VITA classical A1 ? D4 shade guide are neither monomer, nor UV-resistant, and must be protected from intense sunlight.
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Vita Classical A1-D4 Tooth Shade Guide


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