Sweden & Martina Transgingival Healing Cap Premium (A-TMGR-380-5)

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  • Optimal Tissue Conditioning: The healing abutment with an anatomical emergence profile promotes excellent tissue conditioning. Its design mimics the natural contour of a tooth’s crown, facilitating the adaptation and shaping of the surrounding gum tissue.
  • Enhanced Esthetics: The anatomical emergence profile contributes to improved esthetic outcomes. By creating a natural-looking emergence from the gum tissue, the healing abutment helps to achieve a seamless transition between the implant and the final dental crown.
  • Appropriate Diameter: With a diameter of 3.8mm, the healing abutment provides a proper fit in relation to the implant fixture. This ensures stability and compatibility during the healing process.
  • Grade 5 Titanium Construction: Made from Grade 5 titanium, the healing abutment offers excellent biocompatibility and durability. It is a reliable and safe material choice for dental implant procedures.


The healing caps are crucial components in dental implant procedures, designed to facilitate optimal tissue conditioning and prepare the surrounding gum tissue for the placement of a permanent dental crown. Sweden & Martina Transgingival Healing Caps are made of Grade 5 titanium, a material known for its biocompatibility and durability. A distinguishing feature of the healing caps is their laser marking, which provides essential information regarding their specifications. When the healing abutment has a straight emergence profile, the laser marking includes details such as the platform diameter and height. However, if the emergence profile is flared at the crown, the marking also includes additional information about the diameter, emergence profile, and height.

It’s important to note that the healing caps do not feature a passing screw and are directly inserted onto the abutment. To ensure secure placement, the caps need to be tightened with a torque of 8-10 Ncm, providing the necessary stability during the healing phase.


Key Specifications

  • Diameter: 3.8mm
  • Emergence Profile: Anatomical
  • Transgingival Height: 5mm


  • 1 x Transgingival Healing Cap Premium

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Sweden & Martina Transgingival Healing Cap Premium (A-TMGR-380-5)

US$44.00US$49.00 (-10%)

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