Pulpdent Prep-Rite RC Kit

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Pulpdent Prep-Rite RC Kit

  • Prep-Rite RC is a viscous 15% EDTA gel that has been buffered to a neutral pH.
  • It contains peroxide, which provides an effervescing action, and has a viscous consistency so that it can be
    easily picked up on a file.
  • During instrumentation and debridement of the root canal, Prep-Rite RC is an effective calcium binding material for decalcifying the canal walls, and it acts as a
    lubricant to minimize the binding and breaking of files.
  • Prep-Rite is water-based and easily rinses out of the canal.

Features :-

  • 15% EDTA gel with lubricant
  • Decalcifies canal walls
  • Facilitates instrumentation
  • Minimizes binding and breaking of files
  • Rinses out easily with irrigation

Packaging :-

  • 4 x 5 gm syringes

Direction to Use :-

  1. Always place a rubber dam.
  2. Remove cap from the syringe.
  3. Dispense Prep-Rite RC onto a pad. For controlled dispensing, hold syringe barrel with fingertips, place plunger in palm, and gently pull back with fingers. Recap syringe immediately after use.
  4. Dip the file into the Prep-Rite gel. Prep-Rite picks up on the file.
  5. Instrument the canal and irrigate in the usual manner. Reapply Prep-Rite RC and repeat as necessary until the canal is enlarged and shaped as desired.
  6. Rinse canal thoroughly.
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Pulpdent Prep-Rite RC Kit

Pulpdent Prep-Rite RC Kit

US$69.00US$90.00 (-23%)

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