Pulpdent Embrace Wetbond Pit and Fissure Sealant

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Pulpdent Embrace Wetbond Pit and Fissure Sealant

Embrace is the first pit and fissure sealant that bonds to the moist tooth. Research shows remarkable sealing ability and adaptation to tooth structure. The margins are undetectable, and the long-term success has been reported in the literature. Embrace releases and recharges phosphate and fluoride, and it has longer lasting antibacterial activity compared to other leading brands, especially against S. mutans.

Exceptional Marginal Adaptation

Embrace resins form an intimate association with the moist tooth. They are tooth integrating, creating a margin-free interface between the resin and the tooth that eliminates microleakage.

Features :-

  • Wet-bonding resin technology
  • Tooth integrating. Seals against microleakage
  • Margin-free. No chipping. No staining
  • Fewer steps. Saves time and money
  • No drying or bonding agents required
  • Available in off-white or natural shade

Packaging :-

  • 1 x 3ml syringe, natural shade

Direction to Use :-

Slightly moist surfaces exhibit neither dryness nor pooling of water. Lightly dry and remove excess water with compressed air or a cotton pellet. Surfaces should be shiny or glossy. Overly wet surfaces will result in decreased bond strength.

1. Thoroughly clean enamel surfaces with oil-free cleaning paste.

2. Rinse well, removing all residual paste from pits and fissures.

3. Prepare questionable enamel in the usual manner.

4. Isolate treatment area and dry lightly with oil-free compressed air.

5. Apply Etch-Rite 38% phosphoric acid etching gel to the clean tooth surface for 15 seconds. Rinse well. Do not disturb this surface.

6. Lightly dry and remove excess water with a cotton pellet or clean compressed air. LEAVE TOOTH SURFACES SLIGHTLY MOIST. Moist surfaces should appear shiny      or glossy. Overly wet surfaces will result in reduced bond strength.

7. Embrace bonds to surfaces slightly moist from saliva; however, it is best to avoid bacterial contamination.

8. Place a 22-gauge or 23-gauge applicator tip securely on Embrace syringe and carefully start flow of sealant.
Use a new applicator tip for each patient. Recap syringe after use.

9. Apply Embrace to the prepared tooth surface. For pit and fissure sealing, flow the material from cusp to cusp,
but do not cover the marginal ridges.

10. Light cure. Cures with all lights. Curing time for a halogen light with a minimum of 300 mW/cm2 is 20
seconds. More powerful lights will cure faster.

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  1. 19

    by heera

    Excellent product at the same very simple to operate

  2. 19

    by heri

    fantastic product. Tooth integrating. Seals against microleakage

  3. 19

    by Myra

    best product in reasonable prices.

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    by Selah

    a must product in clinics.

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Pulpdent Embrace Wetbond Pit and Fissure Sealant

US$60.00US$70.00 (-14%)

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