NT Gold Pro NiTi Rotary Files

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  • Efficiency: Patented treatment enhances cutting efficiency, saving time.
  • Precision: Uniform taper design ensures precise canal shaping.
  • Flexibility: Easily navigates curved canals for versatile use.
  • Safety: High resistance to cyclic fatigue minimizes file separation risks.
  • User-Friendly: Tip indicators and laser markings simplify use.
  • Versatility: Comes in various lengths and sizes for diverse canal types.
  • Convenience: Sold in packs of 6 files for multiple procedures.
  • Optimal Conditions: Recommended speed and torque settings ensure effectiveness.
  • Patient Comfort: Efficient procedures contribute to better patient comfort.


NT Gold Pro NiTi Rotary Files are advanced dental instruments designed for performing root canal treatments with exceptional precision and efficiency. Crafted by amalgamating American NiTi wire with European precision milling technology, these files exhibit unparalleled performance attributes. Their patented thermal treatment enhances cutting efficiency, while their flexibility allows for easy negotiation of curved canals. Additionally, these files demonstrate remarkable resistance to cyclic fatigue, ensuring safety throughout the procedure. Featuring a uniform taper design and a convex triangular cross-section with sharp cutting edges, these files provide consistent, precise, and efficient canal shaping. Their passive safety tip design minimizes the risk of procedural errors. Unique tip size and taper indicators on the shank, along with precise laser markings for working length indication, simplify the workflow for clinicians. Available in various lengths and sizes, these files cater to diverse canal dimensions and types. With a recommended operating speed of 300 RPM and a torque range of 1.5-2.5 NCm, these rotary files are indispensable tools in modern endodontic practice, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient comfort during root canal procedures.

Key Specifications

  • Material: American NiTi wire with European precision milling technology
  • Patented Thermal Treatment: Enhances cutting efficiency
  • Flexibility: Allows for negotiation of curved canals
  • Cyclic Fatigue Resistance: Ensures safety during use
  • Uniform Taper Design: Consistent and precise canal shaping
  • Cross-Section: Convex triangular with sharp cutting edges
  • Safety Tip Design: Reduces procedural errors
  • Lengths Available: 21mm, 25mm, 30mm
  • Sizes Available: 19/08, 15/04, 20/04, 20/06, 25/04, 30/04, 35/04
  • Speed: Recommended at 300 RPM
  • Torque: Recommended range of 1.5-2.5 NCm


Assorted Pack:-

  • Pack Of 6 ( 19/8, 15/4, 20/4, 25/4, 30/4, 25/6 )

Refill Pack:-

  • Pack Of 6

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NT Gold Pro NiTi Rotary Files

US$48.00US$54.00 (-11%)

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