NSK Ti Max Z45L Handpiece

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  • Innovative 45-degree angled head for superior accessibility.
  • Two-way spray function for mist or jet spray.
  • Versatile compatibility with various bur sizes.
  • Lightweight and durable titanium body construction.
  • Enhanced grip and handling comfort with DURAGRIP coating.
  • Microfilter for optimum water spray cooling.
  • Cellular glass optics and ceramic bearings for exceptional performance.


The NSK Ti Max Z45L Handpiece is a game-changer in dental instruments, introducing the world’s first 45-degree contra-angle design. This innovative angle provides exceptional accessibility to hard-to-reach molars, surpassing the limitations of standard contra-angles. With its slim form and angled head, the Ti-Max Z45L ensures superior visibility and high operability, creating ample space between adjacent teeth and the handpiece body.
The Ti-Max Z45L’s powerful and consistent cutting capabilities significantly reduce treatment time for time-consuming procedures like sectioning and third-molar extractions, thereby minimizing stress for both clinicians and patients. Its 45-degree angled head allows for easy access to the molar region, reducing interference from the front and adjacent teeth.
Notably, this handpiece boasts the world’s first two-way spray function, offering the choice between a mist or jet spray. This versatility allows dental professionals to adapt to different conditions and procedures using the dedicated tool included. The water jet spray is particularly beneficial in surgical procedures as it helps prevent subcutaneous emphysema, while the mist water spray effectively cools the bur during cutting.

The Ti-Max Z45L is designed to handle a wide range of burs, from standard 20mm burs to longer 25mm burs, ensuring versatility to accommodate various procedure requirements.

Crafted with a titanium body, the handpiece exhibits a lightweight yet robust construction. The use of pure titanium enhances durability and hardness, making it suitable for autoclave sterilization. Additionally, the biocompatible properties of titanium eliminate concerns over metal allergies, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for patients.

Ergonomics and grip comfort are prioritized with the introduction of the DURAGRIP coating and an ergonomic body shape. These features enhance grip stability and overall handling comfort, facilitating precise control during dental procedures.The Ti-Max Z45L also incorporates a microfilter to prevent particles from entering the water spray system, ensuring optimal water spray cooling at all times.

Key Specifications

  • Head: 45° Angle Head
  • Gear Ratio: 1:4.2 Increasing
  • For: FG Burs (Ø1.6)
  • Head Size: Ø9.6 x H 14.5 mm
  • Water Spray: Quattro Spray (Water Jet / Mist)
  • Body Material: Titanium
  • Body Coating: DURAGRIP
  • Max Speed:168,000 min-1


  • 1 x Handpiece

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NSK Ti Max Z45L Handpiece

US$1,692.00US$2,050.00 (-17%)

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