NSK TEP ER10 Handpiece

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  • Watch-winding, oscillating movement keeps hand files “floating” in the canal
  • Operator-controlled coronal and apical pressure
  • Designed for efficient and effective root canal therapy
  • Indicated for canal cleaning and shaping
  • Motion: 60˚ reciprocating
  • Allowable Max. Speed (Motor): 40,000 min-1
  • Compatible with hand files
  • Facilitates precise and controlled instrumentation
  • Reduces treatment time
  • Enhances patient comfort and satisfaction


NSK TEP ER10 Handpiece – 10:1 Reduction Handpiece TTEP ER10 Handpiece generates reciprocating motion same kind of motion generated by hand, supports normal K and reamer hand files both ss and ni-ti can be used and root canal can be practiced stress lessly at an economical price.

The NSK TEP ER10 Handpiece is an exceptional tool designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of root canal therapy for endodontic practitioners. It incorporates a unique watch-winding, oscillating movement that creates a floating effect for hand files within the canal, revolutionizing the treatment process. With this handpiece, the operator gains complete control over both coronal and apical pressure, enabling precise and controlled manipulation of the root canal during procedures. Primarily indicated for canal cleaning and shaping, the NSK TEP ER10 Handpiece ensures optimal performance in preparing the root canal for subsequent filling and sealing. Its reciprocating motion of 60˚ adds to its advanced design, facilitating efficient and controlled instrumentation of the canal. The handpiece is specifically compatible with hand files, which are widely used instruments for root canal procedures.

With an allowable maximum speed of 40,000 rotations per minute, this handpiece operates at an impressive pace, significantly reducing treatment time. The reciprocating motion, combined with the high-speed performance, enables quick and precise treatment while maintaining patient comfort.

Key Specifications

  • Allowable Max. Speed (Motor): 40,000 min-1
  • File: Hand files
  • Motion: 60˚ Reciprocating


  • 1 x Handpiece

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NSK TEP ER10 Handpiece

US$494.00US$550.00 (-10%)

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