NSK MPAS F16R Handpiece

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  • Precision instrument for enhanced accuracy in root canal preparations.
  • Compatible with Ø2.35 Ni-Ti files for optimal performance.
  • Integration with Apex locator for precise measurements.
  • Built-in probe ring for seamless connection with the Apex locator.
  • 16:1 gear ratio for enhanced control and accuracy.
  • Push-button chuck mechanism for effortless file insertion and removal.
  • 360° rotation for convenient maneuverability.


The MPAS F16R Handpiece is an advanced dental instrument designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of root canal preparations. It is meticulously crafted to provide optimal performance and compatibility with Ni-Ti files measuring Ø2.35, making it an ideal tool for dental professionals. One of the standout features of the MPAS F16R Handpiece is its seamless integration with an Apex locator. This compatibility allows for precise measurements and integration during root canal procedures. With a built-in probe ring that effortlessly connects with the Apex locator, this handpiece ensures accurate and reliable functionality, especially when using short shank files.

The handpiece boasts a versatile gear ratio of 16:1 reduction, offering a wide range of speed options to cater to diverse treatment requirements. This gear ratio significantly enhances control and accuracy during root canal preparations, allowing dental professionals to achieve precise results with ease. The MPAS F16R Handpiece features a convenient push-button chuck mechanism that simplifies the insertion and removal of files. This mechanism not only saves valuable time during procedures but also streamlines file management, improving workflow efficiency. Furthermore, the handpiece enables 360° rotation, providing dental professionals with convenient maneuverability and unhindered access to all areas of the root canal.

It’s worth noting that the MPAS Head is a specialized component that can be used in conjunction with compatible dental handpieces or systems, such as the Endomate. By combining the MPAS Head with the Endomate TC2, DT & AT systems and an Apex Locator, clinicians can achieve even greater accuracy and precision during root canal preparations.

Key Specifications

  • Head:  Miniature Head
  • For:  Ni-Ti Files (Ø2.35) / Connection for Apex Locator (for Short Shank)
  • Gear Ratio: 16:1 Reduction


  • 1 x Handpiece

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NSK MPAS F16R Handpiece

US$508.00US$580.00 (-12%)

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