NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX 25

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  • Gear Ratio: 1:1 for precise performance with CA burs.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Body for comfortable and easy handling.
  • Max Speed: 40,000 min-1 for efficient and fast operation.
  • Clean Head System prevents contamination and ensures durability.
  • Push Button Chuck for quick and effortless bur changes.
  • Ball Bearings for smooth operation and extended lifespan.
  • Slim Head and Body Design for improved visibility in the oral cavity.


The NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX25 is a state-of-the-art dental tool designed to provide dental professionals with exceptional performance and convenience. With its advanced features and specifications, it is a reliable and efficient instrument for various dental procedures.The NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX25 boasts a gear ratio of 1:1, ensuring direct drive capability when using CA burs with a diameter of 2.35mm. This feature enables precise and accurate dental work, allowing for optimal patient care.

Crafted with a body made of high-quality aluminum, the NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX25 offers a lightweight and durable construction. This design not only enhances maneuverability and control but also ensures long-term reliability and performance.The NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX25 also features a convenient push-button chuck, allowing for effortless and efficient bur changes.

Moreover, the NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX25 excels in providing exceptional visibility in the oral operational field. Its slim head and body design significantly improve both direct and indirect visibility, enabling clear visualization of even the most challenging access areas within the oral cavity. This feature greatly benefits dental professionals by enhancing their ability to reach difficult areas and perform procedures with accuracy and efficiency.

With a maximum speed of 40,000 min-1, the NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX25 offers reliable and consistent performance, catering to the diverse needs of dental practitioners. Additionally, the handpiece’s easy cartridge replacement, facilitated by the supplied accessory tools, minimizes service costs and reduces downtime, ensuring seamless operation during dental procedures.

Key Specifications

  • Gear Ratio: 1:1
  • Direct Drive For: CA Burs (Ø2.35)
  • Body Material: Aluminium
  • Max Speed: 40,000 min-1
  • Clean Head System
  • Push Button Chuck


  • 1 x Handpiece

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NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX 25

US$305.00US$344.00 (-11%)

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