NSK Cartridge For Fibreoptic (NCH-TU 03)

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  • Designed for compatibility with NSK Fibreoptic handpieces.
  • Incorporates advanced fiber optic technology for optimal illumination.
  • Smooth rotational motion for enhanced comfort and reduced noise.
  • Precise torque transmission for improved control and maneuverability.
  • User-friendly installation and replacement.
  • Durable and reliable construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Enables accurate and precise dental treatments.
  • Compact and ergonomic design for comfortable grip.
  • Ensures seamless integration with the handpiece.
  • Contributes to a pleasant dental experience for both dentist and patient.


NSK Cartridge for Fibreoptic (NCH-TU 03) is a vital component designed to optimize the performance and reliability of NSK Fibreoptic handpieces. With its exceptional quality and precision engineering, this cartridge ensures seamless compatibility and efficient integration with the handpieces. Equipped with advanced fiber optic technology, the NCH-TU 03 cartridge delivers consistent and powerful illumination, providing optimal visibility during dental procedures. This feature enables accurate treatment and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring high-quality outcomes. The cartridge’s smooth rotational motion, thanks to its advanced bearing system, enhances comfort for both the dentist and the patient. With reduced friction and noise, it contributes to a more relaxed and comfortable dental experience. The NCH-TU 03 cartridge also incorporates a torque head mechanism, enabling precise torque transmission for improved instrument control and maneuverability. This feature enhances procedural accuracy and facilitates efficient treatment. With its user-friendly design, the cartridge allows for easy installation and replacement, minimizing downtime in the dental practice. Its durability and reliability ensure consistent performance, even under demanding clinical conditions.


Compatible: ach-Lite XT / Mach 2 / 200L / 300L / 400L Series

Key Specifications

  • Material: Ceramic


  • Pack Of 1

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NSK Cartridge For Fibreoptic (NCH-TU 03)

US$224.00US$275.00 (-19%)

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