NeoEndo S Rotary Files 21mm

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  • Enhanced cutting efficiency as a result of Gold Thermal Treatment
  • Cross Section – Triangular with sharp cutting edges
  • Non-cutting tip (safety tip) – minimizes the risk of apical transportation
  • Specialized heat treatment methods
  • Flutes stable even when stress levels are reached
  • Tough files with excellent flexibility properties
  • Only 2 to 3 files are required for most cases
  • Simple usage protocol


Neoendo Flex Files are one of the latest rotary endodontic files used in root canal treatment (endodontic therapy). These new endodontic rotary files were manufactured keeping in mind the limitations of conventional shape memory rotary files in endodontics.

Neoendo Flex Files undergo a specialized heat treatment process to give them unique flexibility characteristics. Shape memory nickel titanium rotary endodontic files have the limitation of reduced cutting efficiency due to heat treatment in addition to opening of the flutes when stress levels are encountered in the canal. This results in prolonged treatment time and apical extrusion of debris.

Neoendo Flex Files have excellent cyclic fatigue resistance. The triangular cross section with sharp cutting edges increases cutting efficiency. Avoiding accidental apical transportation becomes easier with the safety tip (non-cutting). The extreme flexibility of this canal favours negotiation of any canal. Neoendo Flex Files have a simple usage protocol and reduce chair time for each procedure owing to their superior characteristics.

Advantages :

  • Cross-section – Triangular rotary files with sharp cutting edges
  • Non-cutting safety tip
  • Most cases require just 2 to 3 rotary files
  • Simple usage protocol

Key Specifications


  • Speed : 350rpm
  • Torque : 1.5Ncm

Recommended usage protocol :

  • Narrow Canals – #20 size flex file with 4% taper followed by #25 size flex file with 4% taper.
  • Medium Canals – #30 size flex file with 4% taper
  • Wide Canals – #25 size flex file with 6% taper and #35 size flex file with 4% taper.


  • Pack of 6 Files

Neoendo Flex Files  21mm Assorted : 6 Files Pack

  • 30/8%
  • 17/4%
  • 20/4%
  • 25/4%
  • 20/6%
  • 25/6%

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NeoEndo S Rotary Files 21mm

US$38.00US$44.00 (-14%)

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