HMD Unolok Syringe 3ml | 24 Gauge | 1 Inch Needle

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Precision Medication: 3ml capacity and 24-gauge needle for accurate dosing.
Safety Assurance: Single-use and sterile packaging prioritize patient safety.
Leak-Proof: Luer Lock ensures a secure, leak-free needle attachment.
Verification: A transparent barrel allows easy volume confirmation.
User-Friendly: Intuitive design for healthcare professionals.
Hygiene: Meticulous sterilization processes maintain high hygiene standards.
Trusted: A go-to choice for medical experts for precision and reliability.
Versatile: Suitable for various medical and dental procedures.
Environmental Responsibility: Eco-friendly with proper disposal practices.
Patient-centered: Prioritizes patient safety and precision in medical practice.

HMD Unolok Syringe 3ml, paired with a 24 Gauge, 1 Inch Needle, is a remarkable medical instrument that exemplifies the utmost in medical precision. It is not only suitable for general medical applications but also finds its place in the demanding field of dentistry. This state-of-the-art syringe, with its 3ml capacity and 24-gauge needle, ensures precise medication administration while minimizing patient discomfort?a crucial aspect of dental care. Its thoughtful design, secure needle attachment, and transparent barrel for volume verification make it indispensable for dental practitioners seeking precision and ease of use. Each syringe undergoes rigorous sterilization procedures and is designed for single use, prioritizing patient safety and hygiene in dental settings. Trusted by dental experts, it symbolizes precision, reliability, and patient comfort, raising the bar for dental & healthcare delivery. When considering the use of the HMD Unolok Syringe 3ml | 24 Gauge | 1 Inch Needle in dental applications, represents a steadfast commitment to excellence in dental care, upholding the highest standards of precision, safety, and patient-centered practice.
Luer Lock:-

securely fastens needles to syringe tips, preventing liquid leakage during medical and dental procedures, and ensuring precise medication delivery.



Key Specifications

Material: Non-toxic, Medical-grade polypropylene
Needle Length: 1 Inch ( 25mm )
Gauge: 24 Gauge ( 0.55mm )
Unolok Syring: 3ml
Hub Colour: ?Purple?

Pack of 100 Syringes
Direction to UsePrepare a Sterile Environment:

Ensure your work area is clean and sterile.
Wash your hands thoroughly and put on sterile gloves to maintain aseptic conditions.

Inspect the Syringe:

Examine the syringe for any visible defects or damage.
Do not use it if you notice any issues with the syringe.

Prepare Medication:

Draw up the prescribed medication into the syringe using proper aseptic techniques.

Prepare the Injection Site:

Prepare the patient’s skin at the injection site following standard protocols for skin preparation.

Attach the Needle:

Remove the protective cap from the needle.
Attach the needle securely to the syringe’s Luer-lock or Luer-slip fitting.

Remove Air Bubbles:

Hold the syringe with the needle pointing upward.
Gently tap the syringe to move any air bubbles to the top.
Slowly push the plunger to expel the air bubbles, ensuring the medication fills the needle with no air remaining.

Administer the Injection:

Position the needle at the desired injection site.
Insert the needle smoothly and steadily into the patient’s skin following proper insertion guidelines.

Inject the Medication:

Slowly depress the plunger to administer the medication.
Maintain steady and controlled delivery to ensure patient comfort.

Withdraw the Needle:

After injection, withdraw the needle gently and steadily from the patient’s skin.

Dispose of the Syringe:

Dispose of the used syringe and needle safely in a designated sharps container following medical waste disposal regulations.
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HMD Unolok Syringe 3ml | 24 Gauge | 1 Inch Needle

US$24.00US$29.00 (-17%)

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