HMD Unolok Syringe 2.5ml | 27 Gauge | 1.5 Inch Needle

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  • Siliconized Needle: The needle is siliconized, allowing for smooth and painless insertion.
  • Secure Fitment: The syringe ensures a secure fitment, preventing any needle displacement during use.
  • High Clarity Barrel: The transparent barrel provides high clarity, allowing healthcare professionals to easily see the medication volume.
  • Smooth Insertion: The syringe’s design facilitates smooth and comfortable needle insertion for patients.
  • Ribbon Pack: It comes in a convenient ribbon pack, ensuring easy and sterile access to the syringe.
  • 3 Pc. Rubber Gasket: The syringe features a 3-piece rubber gasket for jerk-free and leak-proof performance.
  • Luer Lock Tip: The syringe has a luer lock tip that securely attaches the needle, preventing accidental detachment during medication administration.


HMD Unolok Syringe 2.5ml | 27 Gauge | 1.5 Inch Needle

The HMD Unolok Syringe 2.5ml with a 27 Gauge, 1.5 1.5-inch needle is a high-quality medical instrument designed for precise medication administration. With a 2.5ml capacity and a 27-gauge needle, it offers accurate dosing and minimal patient discomfort. Its user-friendly design, secure needle attachment, and clear barrel for easy volume verification make it an essential tool for healthcare professionals. Each syringe is individually sterile and single-use, ensuring patient safety and hygiene. Trusted by medical practitioners, this syringe exemplifies precision, reliability, and comfort, enhancing the quality of patient care in various medical settings.

Luer-Lok tip – Our Luer-Lok tip is generally used for injections requiring a secure connection of the syringe to another device.

Luer slip tip – Our luer slip tip provides a friction-fit connection that requires you to push and twist the syringe tip into the needle hub.

Unolok Single-Use Needles :

  • The needle tube is thin-walled which allows a larger internal diameter resulting in an improved flow rate.
  • Crafted using high-precision CNC machines, operated by skilled technicians.
  • Manufactured with non-toxic, medical-grade polypropylene, a non-reactive compound compatible with a variety of medications.
  • SUS 304 stainless steel is used as raw material to manufacture burr-free.
  • Available in a variety of gauge sizes and diameters, ranging from 16G to 27G 0.4-1.60mm respectively, and suitable for a variety of applications.

Key Specifications

  • Type: Syringe
  • Category: General Dentistry
  • Needle Size: 0.40x38mm/27×1.5 inch
  • Gauge Size: 27g
  • Reusable/Disposable: Disposable


  • Barrels are made of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible with any medication.
  • The tip of the barrel is of two types – luer mount and luer lock. Both have a 6% luer taper as per ISO:594.
  • Plungers are made of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible with any medication.
  • Gaskets are made of natural rubber which is chemically inert and compatible with medication for short-term contact drug delivery application.


  • Pack of 100 Syringes

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HMD Unolok Syringe 2.5ml | 27 Gauge | 1.5 Inch Needle

US$24.00US$29.00 (-17%)

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