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The bonding material is activated by a simple push on the patented “SilvR” single-dose package and may be used immediately. The built-in micro brush applicator easily slides out of the SilvR dose capsule. Application is a one-step, one-hand, fast, clean and safe process.

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TECO is the innovative total-etch bonding system from DMG. Besides its excellent bond strength properties, TECO (= Total Etch Control) stands out thanks to its unique DMG patented single dose application form: the »SilvR dose«. The material is freshly activated by simply pressing on the silver chamber and can be used immediately. Application is carried out in just one step – with one hand, quickly and cleanly


TECO: Bis-GMA-based resin matrix, starter, additives

DMG Etching Gel: o-phosphoric acid in water (37 %), Aerosil


Light-curing dentine and enamel bonding agent in conjunction with the total etch technique for use with light-curing composites and compomers for direct and indirect restorations of cavity classes I – V


  • Etching the affected areas of dentine is an important component of the application of the material.
  • Do not use the material without dentine etching.
  • Do not use with chemically curing composites or compomers.
  • Do not use with dual-curing composites or compomers if these are not lightcured.
  • Do not use in cases of allergies to any of the components or in the event of contact allergies.
  • Do not use directly on exposed pulp or in the case of existing pulpitis.

Features :-

Reliable bonding with push-button convenience.Get the reliability you need with the dependability of a total etch bonding system in an innovative singledose dispenser with TECO.

Outstanding bonding properties:

TECO offers a microtensile bond strength of 38 Mpa* – far superior to the accepted industry standard for optimal adhesion. Its non-acetone formulation works with all curing lights.

Unique fast and easy application system

The bonding material is activated by a simple push on the patented “SilvR” single-dose package and may be used immediately. The built-in micro brush applicator easily slides out of the SilvR dose capsule. Application is a one-step, one-hand, fast, clean and safe process.

Proven Total Etch technology

TECO can be used with a wet or moist bonding technique. The Total Etch method ensures exceptional bond strength and durability.

Packaging :-

  • 1 x 5ml Bottle.

Direction to Use :-

Interactions with other materials

Do not use together with substances which inhibit polymerization. This is especially valid for products which contain eugenol, such as temporary cements.

Instructions for use :-

  • Light-curing units should have an output of 450 nm and should be checked regularly.
  • The light intensity should be a minimum of 400 mW/cm2.
  • Place the light as close as possible to the material.
  • Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for the light unit.
  • Ensure that the etched or bonded surface does not become recontaminated prior to each subsequent working step.
  • Do not remove the oxygen inhibition layer caused by the application because this is important for the bonding process with the material applied on top.
  • It is essential to use etching gel on the affected enamel and dentine surfaces.
  • Due to the fact that excess material may collect between the tooth and matrix (pooling effect), if possible use a matrix only after the bond has been applied.
  • Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for any other materials that are used with TECO.

Recommended Use

1. Prepare the cavity in accordance with the general rules for adhesive procedures. Bevel the enamel edges. Note: The use of a rubber dam is recommended.

2. In deep cavities in areas close to pulp, provide protection in the form of a suitable liner, e.g. by using a small quantity of calcium hydroxide and a thin layer of glass ionomer cement.

3. Etch enamel and dentine with 37 % phosphoric acid gel (e.g. DMG Etching Gel). Start the etching process with the enamel and then expand this to the dentine, if applicable, so that the response time on the enamel is 20 to 60 seconds, while the response time on the dentine does not exceed 15 seconds. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions.

Note: When using TECO, it is essential to etch the affected enamel and dentine surfaces.

4. Rinse tooth with water for a minimum of 15 s. Remove general water excess. Note: After the etching process, an even moist layer must remain on the dentine surface requiring treatment. If this is not the case, wet the dentine surface with a moistened micro brush.

5. Work TECO into the tooth structure generously for 20 seconds using the brush.

6. Remove any excess.

7. Blow TECO using oil-free air into a thin, even layer until the surface appears evenly moist (approx. 5 s).

8. Light-cure TECO for 10 seconds with a suitable light unit.

9. Use the filling material or dental cement according to manufacturer’s instructions and cure with a light-curing unit. Observe the recommended layer thicknesses and light-curing times.

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