DMG Luxaform

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  1. No mixing
  2. No tray required
  3. Stable under storage conditions
  4. No smear layer on bisacryl temporaries
  5. Odorless
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DMG Luxaform

LuxaForm is a thermoplastic molding polymer.

Quick impressions for fabricating temporaries

The easiest and most time-saving thermoplastic impression material for temporary restorations that ever existed!
The tablets are simply warmed in warm water and formed around the teeth to be restored.


  • Impressions for provisional repairs.


  • Ingredients Polycaprolactone, additives, pigments.

Features :-

  • No mixing
  • No tray required
  • Stable under storage conditions
  • No smear layer on bisacryl temporaries
  • Odorless

Key Specifications :-

Interactions with other materials

Do not use with MMA-containing provisional crown and bridge material.

Packaging :-

  • Pack of 72 Discs

Direction to Use :-

Instructions for use

  • Malleable LuxaForm sticks to gloves. Always knead LuxaForm without gloves. For insertion in the mouth, isolate the fingertips of the gloves with Vaseline.
  • In order to ensure secure removal, do not model LuxaForm too tightly around the teeth when making an impression in the mouth.
  • Block out any undercuts with an appropriate agent, e.g. wax.
  • Do not use LuxaForm to make an impression of more than 5 teeth.
  • Perform any necessary post-processing of the impression with a scalpel.
  • The impressions retain their form for months and can also be re-used later, e.g. if a temporary restoration breaks.

Recommended use :-

1. Place one LuxaForm tablet per tooth to be molded in approx. 70 °C/158 °F hot water, until the material becomes soft and clear (approx. 1 minute). For multiple applications, use more tablets as needed. The tablets can be kneaded together once they have become transparent.

2. Shape the transparent material into a cube and press it around the teeth that are being molded. Note: After cooling, the material quickly becomes hard and turns opaque blue. It can be cooled more rapidly by briefly spraying water on it.

3. Remove the hardened LuxaForm from the tooth and lightly isolate it with Vaseline or another separating agent. Note: When using temporary crown and bridge materials, they may not exceed an initial temperature of 25 °C/77 °F

4. Apply temporary crown and bridge material (e.g. Luxatemp Star) as normal.

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    by dack

    love your fast delivery services. love from Canada.

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    by ha-eun

    The easiest and most time-saving thermoplastic impression material for temporary restorations that ever existed!……

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    by Ana

    I have been using this for the last 1 year and am satisfied…

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    by Bodhi

    Great service. Fast, efficient and great price.

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DMG Luxaform

US$102.00US$120.00 (-15%)

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