Dentsply Prime And Bond NT

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Dentsply Prime & Bond NT

Prime & Bond NT is a universal self-priming dental adhesive designed to bond light-cured composite materials and Dyract compomer materials to enamel and dentine as well as to metals and ceramic.

Prime & Bond NT combines primer and adhesive in a single bottle. It also maintains excellent bond strengths and protection against microleakage. By mixing Prime&Bond® NT with Self-Cure Activator, a universal, dual-cure self-priming dental adhesive system is obtained. This system is designed to bond dual- or self-cured composites to enamel, dentine, and restorative materials even in areas inaccessible to light.

The 10 best ways to use Prime & Bond NT 

For all types of restorations

  • To obtain an optimum of marginal quality and bond strength and to avoid post-operative sensitivity, do not overetch dentine (etch dentine 15 seconds or less).
  • Apply Prime&Bond NT to a moist cavity surface as overdrying of the tooth preparation has been associated with a decrease of bond strength to dentine and with post-operative sensitivity. Dry by very short (1 to 3 seconds) blasts from an air syringe or solely blot-dry with a cotton pellet.
  • For an optimum of solvent concentration, efficiency of the procedure, and economy, apply adhesive directly from the bottle onto an applicator tip.
  • To achieve a complete sealing of the cavity surface, apply ample amountsof Prime&Bond NT. All cavity surfaces should be saturated,which may necessitate consecutive applications of a drop of Prime&Bond NT to thoroughly wet all cavity surfaces.
  • To obtain an optimum layering thickness, wait for 20 seconds after application of Prime&Bond NT and remove remaining solvent by gentle blow of air from a dental air syringe. Ease of solvent removal is one of the great advantages of acetone-based adhesives.

For indirect restorations

  • Light-curing of Prime&Bond NT or of the mix of Prime&Bond NT and Self-Cure Activator applied to the prepared tooth will increase bond strength.
  • If gross pooling of the adhesive is avoided, light-curing of the adhesive will not result in a high restoration thanks to the low film thicknessof Prime&Bond NT.
  • For most indirect procedures, where light-cured or dual-cured luting cements are used, Prime&Bond NT can be used on its own (without the need to mix with Self-Cure Activator).
  • In the case of metallic restorations, light-cure the adhesive applied to the restoration prior to luting.

For use with self-cure restorative materials

  • When using Prime&Bond NT in combination with a self-cured material (Adaptic®), always mix Prime&Bond NT with Self-Cure Activator and light-cure adhesive prior to application of the restorative.

Features :-

  • Universal self-priming dental adhesive
  • Combines primer and adhesive in a single bottle
  • Excellent bond strengths
  • Protection against microleakage

Key Specifications :-

Components of Prime & Bond NT and their functions

  • PENTA  Adhesion promoter, wetting aid and crosslinker
  • UDMA resin Resin molecule of intermediate elasticity when cured
  • Resin R5-62-1 Elastomeric element in the cured network
  • T-Resin Small, crosslinking molecule
  • D-resin Small, mobile resin molecule for good dentine infiltration
  • Nanofiller Nanoscale functionalised filler for increased strength and crosslinking
  • Initiators Initiate the light- curing reaction
  • Stabiliser Stabilises material during storage
  • Cetylamine Fluoride Source
  • Acetone Solvent and carrier for the resins; water displacer.

Adhesion of SpectrumTPH to etched enamel, bonding agent Prime&Bond NT:

Packaging :-

  • 1 x 3.5ml bottle
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  1. 28

    by dunya

    Excellent bond strength.Protection against microleakage.highly recommended.✌

  2. 28

    by rex

    this really maintains excellent bond strengths and is protective against microleakage….. must product in clinics..

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    by devon

    Excellent protection against microleakage….amazing product.

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Dentsply Prime And Bond NT

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